Educational Opportunities



8:30:      Registration Opens
9:00:      Clarus Fusion System Overview—John McFarland, Zoeller
·               Overview of system design
·               System use—success and challenges
·               Comparison with other OWWT systems
10:00:    Siting, Permitting & Maintenance—Tony Mendes, NOWWA & Dave Farmer, Zoeller
·                Overview of siting and permitting process specific to system and location/location type
·                Service and maintenance requirements
11:00:   Begin installation of Clarus System—Raymond Contracting
·              Questions and discussion continue on system components & installation
12:00:   Lunch
12:30:   Continue Installation demonstration—Raymond Contracting 
·             Questions and discussion continue on system components & installation
2:30:      Review installation and Discussion—John McFarland, Zoeller; Dave Farmer, Zoeller; Tony Mendes, NOWWA; Raymond Contracting; Mark Bauer, NDEQ
·              Summary of installation process and system dynamics
·              System use within Nebraska regulations
·              Questions from attendees
3:30:      Conclude Workshop
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