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About the Speaker
Dave Gustafson, Assistant Extension
Engineer-Onsite Sewage Treatment
Dave Gustafson, PE is a registered
Engineer working in the Water Resource
Center at the University of Minnesota. He
has been dealing with sewage for over
30 years in municipal scale systems and
backyard treatment technologies. He
has been educating and assisting onsite
treatment professionals in MN, nationally
and internationally for over twenty five
years. His position allows him to be active
in the troubleshooting and evaluation of
systems in MN and Nationally. He has
learned through the years that we can learn
from each other and getting your hands
dirty helps to keep your thoughts clear.


NOWWA is now a member of the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) and the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT)!  For more information on both Associations please click on their respective logos to take you to their respective pages. 

PDH Opportunities

At this time we have a class in Kearney that will be done in conjuntion with the Holmes Open House.  You can register for that by clicking the event located under Our Events. We will be announcing future events in the coming months. 

Why Join NOWWA?

  • Provide input for the direction you want this association to take.
  • Keep informed on regulatory issues. Industry certification and system registration are each being implemented with NOWWA input.
  • Have a more direct line to Nebraska on-site waste water treatment regulators and legislators.
  • Present views as a unified organization to regulatory agencies and the legislature.
  • Learn about materials that will educate the homeowner, and increase the demand for high quality and properly installed systems.
  • Receive advance notice of educational programs (workshops and conference).
  • Take advantage of the directory to facilitate communication with other members.
  • Support a quarterly newsletter of Nebraska onsite issues.
  • Use membership to advertise & bid.
  • Opportunity to receive Clean Water Professional designation


2019 Nebraska Water Industries Annual Convention and Trade Show

Click on the magazine to find a copy of the agenda and information on select programs for the 2019 Nebraska Water Industries Annual Convention.  You  will also find Hotel Information.  

Click on the image above to access digital copy of magazine.